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Global Poly Systems Inc.

Global Poly Systems Inc. is pleased to introduce its new high temperature pressure pipe using E I DuPont’s Pipelon 401 resin, in siphon string tubing. Siphon string, which is also referred to as velocity string, is used for continual fluid lifting from gas wells. Pipelon 401 – is a new advanced, chemically modified, polyamide material engineered and designed for use in tubes and pipes for the petroleum industry. The material has excellent strength, durability, chemical resistance, as well as friction and abrasion properties. Global Poly Systems has developed the Pipelon 401 for deeper well applications, which gives the pipe more of an advantage over Global’s traditional polyethylene tubing. Global also offers the Pipelon 401 in other applications, including liner pipe, gas gathering, oil, and water injection lines. It also can be produced in various sizes and SDR’s from one inch to 10 inches for higher pressures as well as for service temperatures up to 90 degrees C.

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Global Poly Systems Inc.

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    Global Poly Systems Inc.